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At Aainfosystems, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. It is to our advantage to do whatever we can to keep our employees up to date with the newest changes in the technology field. We currently provide market driven training to our employees. Market driven training simply means that as the changes in the market drive training in new technologies, Aainfosystems is committed to providing it for our employees. We believe that there is more value in keeping our talented employees on top of newer skills than recruiting new employees. We work closely with our client partners to understand their technology needs. By keeping these lines of communication open, we are able to anticipate coming changes in the market and can work with our employees to keep their knowledge of newer technologies on the cutting edge.

Aainfosystems has made a commitment to our clients to provide the highest quality technical expertise in the market. We meet this commitment by our continuing efforts to train and promote technical career growth of our employees.

Aainfosystems Education gives more than just training. You get more confident employees, faster and smoother IT projects, and information you won't get from anyone else-insights from the Aainfosystems experts.

Effective learning is active and ongoing. We start our employees on the right foot and follow up with advanced training so that they can leverage Enterprise' applications full range of functionality.

Employees frequently develop a greater sense of self-worth, dignity and well-being as they become more valuable to the firm and to society. Generally they will receive a greater share of the material gains that result from their increased productivity. These factors give them a sense of satisfaction through the achievement of personal and company goals.

Aainfosystems employs the following approach for Employee training process:

  • Organizational Objectives
  • Needs Assessment
  • Is There a Gap?
  • Training Objectives
  • Select the Trainees
  • Select the Training Methods and Mode
  • Choose a Means of Evaluating
  • Administer Training
  • Evaluate the Training


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